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Raw Space is a Bristol Co-working space/office located on Gloucester road.

For those not familiar with Bristol: Gloucester Road is the epicentre on local independent shops and businesses in Bristol with thousands of people venturing here every week to spend their time in the lovely shops, bars, cafes and restaurants that line the street. It regularly features in local and national publications because of it’s friendly environment.

When deciding upon a location for a new co-working space in Bristol; Gloucester Road was the obvious choice for us. It is close to the City Centre, easily accessible by all forms of transport and has it’s own, well-established community up and down the road.

During our search we came across 111 Gloucester Road, an office space that had been left vacant for a number of years. Upon stepping through the small residential style door, the office opens up into 3500 square foot or rooms that all immediately had their own ‘feel’ to them.

When we researched more, we discovered that although Stokes Croft (about 1km) away has a decent selection of hot desking, office and coworking options, Gloucester Road was bare. St Andrews, Bishopston, Cotham and Redland needed their very own co-working space.

We had found our area and we had found the space that we knew could allow Raw Space to live up to it’s potential.

The idea for our co-working space came about when we looked at the Bristol shared office and desk rental scene and saw that the majority of the hot desking offices offered little more than a desk rental and a chair to go with it.

We spoke to people who were working in Bristol desk rental offices and found that the ones that people fond they could flourish in were the ones that brought about something much more than hot desking and somewhere to do your work.

Our goal with Raw Space revolves around 3 principles:

Coworking. Collaboration. Community.

Coworking is the heart of our business: working alone can be lonely, and nursing drinks in a coffee shop can be awkward and expensive. Space needs to offer a practical space for individuals and small businesses to operate from. We leverage space in a way that provides multiple environments. Our rooms comprise of OPEN Space, a large open plan room featuring long tables perfect for informal meetings and group work. We have a CREATIVE Space with a more eclectic mix of sofa’s, chairs and coffee tables that can be moved around to face each other or face the whiteboard walls! HEAD Space is our more traditional hot-desking/ desk rental area with individual desks for people to focus on their work (whilst still being in pod’s of 4 to allow for a friendly environment).

Collaboration comes next. When we worked in some coworking spaces in Bristol although there were other people around, all of the desks faced walls or away from each other: what was supposed to be inclusive in fact did the exact opposite. Raw Space needs to be designed and laid out in such a way that talking with people is the natural outcome. Our team needs to ensure this too by understanding who people are, what their work is about and what they really want to get out of being a member at Raw Space. Everyone is different, and it’s our understanding of that which brings about the ability to connect people within a co-working space for the right reasons.

Community ties everything together. With the workplace developing and changing every year, there has been a clear move towards a new style of working that leverages remote workforces, alongside a change in perspectives…the old idea of seeking a balance, which tends to treat work and life as two conflicting opposites: one all hard grind, the other all pleasure is eroding and being replaced by the two merging as people are more focussed upon enjoying their jobs. This new environment enables people to get more out of life in general: instead of seeing co-working in Raw Space as desk rental, people can become a part of something that helps them get more out. Raw Space commits to facilitating lots of professional and social events to give people the option to treat the space exactly how they want to. On top of this, the members guide the style of events we put on, ensuring our Bristol co-working space gives people what they want.

All of the elements to Raw Space and our co-working environment is brought about from our app (available in iOs and Android). The app enables the space to really come to life: people can reserve desks in the different Space’s, can book meeting room use, talk to the management team if they need help with anything at all, and most importantly can get to know the other users through the community element. Every member has a profile that they are free to build out with any information they’d like and can instant message different members to confirm meetings, post work drinks or just for a chat.

Raw Space want to connect our community with the local community, so if there is anyone you feel would benefit from use of the space, please tell them about us. We are available 7 days per week to give you a tour of our coworking space in Bristol, and how it operates, so please feel free to get in touch.

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