The Co-working Pyramid


The pyramid we are talking about is inspired by Maslow and his pyramid of human needs. You can take such a pyramid and apply it functionally to the idea of making a co-working space a good one. The basic idea is that you cannot achieve the higher steps before the steps below are completed first. When applied directly to co-working the basics are made from the attributes of the space itself in terms of equipment and basic needs in order for people to be able to work in the space and use it for their daily work needs. When setting up Raw Space this was crucial to consider as one can get carried away with the excitement of setting up a meditation class, or

When setting up Raw Space this was crucial to consider as one can get carried away with the excitement of setting up a meditation class, or a regular events for everyone to enjoy the space in an evening. Hold on though, there would not be anyone to do so if you have no members as there isn’t Wi-Fi or a desk to use. These may seem like obvious examples but with the aim of having 80 or so members at a time working from somewhere at one time on a regular basis, one would need super-fast internet, and good source of caffeine on demand to keep the souls buzzing. Looking at other basic needs from meeting other co-workers,

Looking at other basic needs from meeting other co-workers, on-boarding potential members for myself and researching others finding the conclusion was that a variety of rooms to work differing in atmosphere (calm, collaborative, relaxed), a private meeting room for hire, and close proximity to housing and shops were all the stepping stones to a successful space.
Assuming these are now in place, the next stages can begin to develop. With fast laptops, high levels of caffeine and an overall happy member the networking between each other can begin, giving advice to each other, helping each other by using their specific skill sets and differing opinions, thus a relationship of trust and friendship can begin to form between everyone. Swiftly this environment can grow and develop around each other to start to feel like a ‘proper’ work atmosphere.
In turn the host and the people themselves will start to organise events within the community, start working together and possibly even work on collective projects together. This is not only beneficial to the members but such work will create a massively productive environment.

And finally at this crossroad your ‘desk rental’ becomes an actual co-working space. The line between the two types of business now defined, the refined benefits need to expand to begin building esteem by playing an active role in the community, be present in the space and the businesses around the location. By this point your co-working space will be running with a decent number of members so moving forward it is vital to build upon your personal relationship with each member so that they feel nurtured and their needs are listened to, catered for, and continue to be met. Begin to remember all their individual skills, build a directory that the other members can look to build upon their business and self-development.
Finally a brilliant position is established, the final stage of the pyramid, self-actualisation. With your co-working space buzzing, busy, and a hub for business the members will be living in harmony, make sure everyone’s values are appreciated and maintain the nurture on an on-going basis. With the trust built a creative,
productive, yet fun environment is achieved and you have yourself a well-established co-working space.

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