Our Principles

Our Staff

There is a full-time member of staff (Sam) who manages the space and looks after all members. We ask our members to get involved with activities that help us to run the space on a day to day basis, and to keep it secure. This includes filling and emptying the dishwasher, keeping the kitchen clean during the day, ensuring coffee beans are topped up, and making sure windows and doors are closed at the end of the day, particularly in the evenings and on weekends.

Staff members are in charge of answering the phone and receiving the post. They will help and assist new, potential and current members to get the most out of the space and will induct meeting room bookers. Where possible they will also let visitors into the space, but this is not guaranteed as a service. They are not employed as a member PA.


Members are encouraged to talk via instant messaging in the Raw Space app and this is an integral part of participation at Raw Space. Members are also encouraged to ask for help by contacting Sam Hicks via the app (or just finding his at Raw Space if you’re already working in the space.


A printer is provided which prints from PCs, Macs and Chromebooks. Members will be assisted with set up for a single machine as part of their induction when they join Raw Space. We do not provide technical or IT services.


We provide a fast internet connection for all members. Performance may vary according to where the member is sitting, the number of other people using the space at the same time and the member’s machine. Raw Space is a workspace and community space first and foremost, and our network is not designed for large numbers of members consuming streaming media/TV at the same time. that said, please report any internet speed issues if they ever do occur, and we will remedy the situation.

Available space

Work spaces are clearly distinguishable. Please do not take up more than one space.

Members must be checked in at all times they are in the space, and may not leave their belongings on desks if they check out during the day.


We do not as a rule allow children or infants into Raw Space during membership hours (unless part of pre-booked room hire/events), but can be flexible in the event of childcare emergency. This isn’t guaranteed and cannot be used regularly but we will do what we can for our members in unforeseen circumstances. Please understand that if you bring your child in to sit with you, this will cause complaints both from members who do not want kids in the space, and upset those who have invested in childcare due to the agreed rules.

Shared facilities

Fridge space is provided for members, but we ask that food is only added that will be consumed regularly. We do not have enough space for bulk purchases or for large items such as soft drinks bottles. The fridges will be cleared out weekly on a Monday morning at 10am.

Out of hours access

Raw Space is open from 6am-11pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm Saturday+Sunday. Raw Space staff operate in the space Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. If you want to enter Raw Space out of hours please bear in mind that electricity has a cut off, and will not work outside of these times.

If you are the last to leave please ensure all windows are closed and the main door is shut behind you.

Please never leave the front door open out of hours, or prop open any of the inner doors to Raw Space.


All visitors need to be signed in with Sam Hicks. You are welcome to show clients and visitors around the space for a few minutes. If you wish to meet or work with clients/visitors in Raw Space please speak with someone from Raw Space staff (charges may be added). Visitors are subject to the same code of conduct and usage policies as everyone else.

How to get here

You can catch a bus from Bristol City Center, and catch either the 71, 73, 75 or 76 going to Cribbs Causeway, which leave every 4 minutes! (apparently) and get off at the Zetland Road junction.
Alternatively, we are a ten minute walk from either Montpelier, or Redland train stations.
Cyclists are able to lock their bikes at the car park, or on our decked roof area.
For members traveling in by car, we have a car park at the back of the building for only £100 per month.


Raw Space has its own insurance related to public liability and assets which are owned by the community. Members are responsible for their own insurance requirements and should check their coverage, particularly for item lost or damaged.


We have a policy which allows dogs into the space at the discretion of the Raw Space staff. They must not be left on their own at any time or allowed to roam free. We love having dogs in the space, Woof!


Join us

Would you like to see our space before joining? Come and visit our coworking space. Please fill out the form and our manager will get back asap.

Thank you in advance for booking a tour of Raw Space! You'll receive a confirmation e-mail once you click send